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Mit Romney and Bob QuastFacing two epic dilemmas in early 2011, Bob Quast followed his ethics and instincts, taking on the sociopathic killer who murdered and dismembered his sister in 1999, while simultaneously contacting Warren Buffett to speak out against the corporate corruption of the former chairman of MidAmerican Energy. Before there was KONY 2012, Bob started a movement called Lynnette's Law in order to make Lynnette's killer infamous, sparking outrage and compassion that stopped the killer's planned move to Wisconsin, where Lynnette's two sons live with Bob's parents. While Lynnette's killer served less than twelve years in prison for his heinous crimes, the movement in her name is reigniting much-needed awareness of domestic violence across America.

Weeks prior to the creation of his Lynnette's Law movement, Bob also wrote directly to America's most powerful billionaire, who spent a lifetime preaching business ethics, but then failed to follow his own advice when his top lieutenant breached the company's ethics and insider trading policies. After Bob threatened to reveal more damaging details of alleged wrongdoing by his chairman, Mr. Buffett and Bershire Hathaway finally excoriated the former top executive for his wrongdoing. Bob then went to the federal government to continue his whistle blowing efforts. Days later Bob was fired from his 21-year career, allegedly for "personal and political" work on Lynnette's Law, while he had been on vacation. This "early retirement" gave Bob perspective and time to figure out the real purpose of life, which he shares in this book.

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