About Bob Quast

Bob QuastI am just an ordinary guy, but I've had some extraordinary life experiences. Some are great, some are very bad; many are funny, and many are quite inspiring. When I became a successful entrepreneur in my 20s, people told me I should write a book. When I told some of my limo stories, people told me I should write a book. When I became an adjunct professor at a prestigious university, people told me I should write a book. When my sister was murdered, people kept asking me how her convicted killer could be walking free today… So, finally, starting in November 2011, I committed my life's experiences and lessons to a manuscript.

The Writing of Life 101

Writing Life 101 by Bob QuastI poured my soul into writing Life 101, and I bring that same level of enthusiasm to my speaking engagements as well. I am a proud husband, father, brother, and son to a wonderful family. I have enjoyed a great amount of business success, and am excited to share the lessons and stories with you within the pages of the book, or during one of my live speaking engagements.

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