Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 FAQs posed to Bob…and where the Answers are found in LIFE101:

How does someone torture, murder and dismember his lifetime partner and then serve less than 12 years in a low-security prison for it?

Read Chapter 10 – EVIL101 – free on this website, and then purchase LIFE101 to understand the whole story!

Is Lynnette's convicted killer free today?

Yes, unfortunately, due to the absence of a much-needed Lynnette's Law.

How can I help (pass Lynnette's Law)?

Like us on Facebook, e-sign our petition, follow us on Twitter, and contact your state and federal lawmakers and President Obama (or better yet, fire the incumbents and vote in new and more effective political leaders).

Will a new Lynnette's Law help put Lynnette's killer back in prison?

No, the entire purpose of Bob's fight for a federal Lynnette's Law, plus other state laws that get tougher on violent criminals, is to help mitigate the future pain and suffering of victims of violent crime, including the effects on family members. Bob's purpose in life has shifted from making money to helping people; this new outlook on life has helped immeasurably in healing Bob, as he shares his empathy with others who have suffered a violent crime, a tragic loss of a loved one, an unfair firing from work, or any other common trauma.

What is Bob's most embarrassing moment in life?

Getting busted by his Mom after skinny-dipping with Jennifer…read pages 14-18 if you'd like a great laugh!

If I'm hooked on Fifty Shades of Grey, is there any better book I could be reading now?

Yes, it's LIFE101, which has just "a Skosh of Sex" for voyeurs like you…go to page 69 and read an excerpt of LIMO101: "What happens in the limo…gets told here."

What was Bob's greatest miracle, which changed his life?

The story of that miracle begins on page 130, but it was really only one of many miracles Bob shares in this book.

Did Bob really offer to give Warren Buffett free use of the Ferrari Limousine that's pictured on the back cover of LIFE101, as his wife Becky thought?

No, as outlined on page 133, Bob offered to give Warren Buffett the Ferrari Limousine for keeps, if Mr. Buffett granted Bob a 60 minute meeting to discuss the illicit actions of his MidAmerican chairman.

How do I achieve great financial success like Bob?

Invest in a copy of LIFE101 and let Bob share the fundamentals that took him 21 years of school (including multiple undergraduate degrees and an MBA), 33 years of work, and 42 years of life! After you finish reading LIFE101, you will also discover that real prosperity transcends anything that money can buy.

How has Bob overcome so many tragedies and obstacles in his life?

By following a disciplined and balanced life, Bob has learned how to "triumph over tragedy" and always concentrated on turning problems into opportunities. Bob shares these secrets in LIFE101 so that you, too, may know how to face your challenges, no matter what life throws your way.