Meet Mr. Bentley

Meet Mr. BentleyOne of Bob's greatest LIFE pleasures is spending his entire day with Mr. Bentley - official spokes-puppy of LIFE101 - as they walk/jog/run 4 miles every morning, drive around in the Convertible Benz ('cause that's how Bentley's roll), and re-stock copies of LIFE101 all over the Quad Cities' Hy-Vees and bookstores!

The True Meaning of Life

True Meaning of LifeMr. Bentley helped teach Bob the true meaning of life, which Bob can now share with his readers in LIFE101. Mr. Bentley is always happy, always smiling, and always ready to play. If Bob ever had a bad moment after being fired unjustly from a lifetime career, or after the early prison release of Lynnette's killer, Mr. Bentley could sense it. He would immediately comfort Bob and give endless licks. Dogs really are man's best friend, as their love and compassion is never-ending. Everyone can learn from them.

Perhaps Mr. Bentley actually wrote Chapter 5 on life balance, as he certainly seems to have it all together!